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Western Maryland Colony's Chapter History
So the question is "How was Western Maryland Colony of Iota Phi Theta Founded"? Well on September 17, 1998 Richard Smith and John Dozier went to a Greek speak at Towson State University. They were concerned with joining a historically Black Greek Fraternity and bringing it to Western Maryland College. When they told the group of their situation at Western Maryland College, as far as wanting a Black Greek Fraternity started on their campus, the different Black Fraternities were not concerned and did not offer any help. Except for a brother sitting next to them by the name of Larry Owens (2A94SP), a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. and a graduate at Morgan State University (The Alpha Chapter). During the whole meeting this brother spoke as a man, very articulate and filled with pride in his culture and fraternity. Immediately after the meeting he came over to them and said that if they were interested he would be willing to help. Then he gave them his card and by the end of November Richard Smith and John Dozier were brothers of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. Through trials and tribulations they did not get their colony status until close to two years later. If it wasn't for the guidance of Sherman Braxton, Malcolm Liverpool, Larry Owens, Ahmad Ali, and the dedication and hard work of Herbert Berry (Regional Polaris), the Colony at Western Maryland College would not be in existence. Also the persistence of the Western Maryland College Founders: Brother Richard Smith and Brother John Dozier, to not allow speed bumps in their road stop them as they "Continued to Build a Tradition and Not Rest Upon One".

Western Maryland Founders
The Founders of Western Maryland Colony
Richard Smith (1A98FA) & John Dozier (2A98FA)

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